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Certificates of diamonds

Every single diamond sold by a serious businessman must be accompanied by a certificate issued by a world-renown gemmological laboratory.


The certificate or diamond birth certificate must include information about the 4C - colour, carat clarity, and type and quality of cut. It must also include the name of the laboratory and the number and date of the issue of certificate which ensures you as a buyer of your diamond´s quality and authenticity.


If you should decide to examine the quality of your diamond yourself, there are two possible ways of doing so.


The first requires many years of experience in grading diamonds, using certain sets of tools and thousands of stones that you graded together with other specialists. For this reason this method is not suitable for any ordinary investor.


The second way requires you to use a diamond tester. It is a fast and reliable way of identifying a real diamond. These testers work based on the specific thermal conductivity of diamonds. Their price ranges from 7 thousand crowns and up. However, will not enable you to determine the exact parameters of a diamond - colour, clarity and quality of cut which also have a substantial influence on the value of a diamond.