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Prague, 17 June 2013 - Diamonds International Corporation, the leader in investment diamond sales in the Middle-European region, further expands its portfolio. After unique watch collections and exclusive range of perfumes in unique flacons, D.I.C. presents a luxury range of quality handbags and suitcases. The new collection was designed for almost a year with focus on top-notch quality, precise craftsmanship and with great attention to detail and mutual compatibility with each piece of D.I.C.luggage, which is the glamour of luxury. The new collection is designed for both free time and business meetings. The new collection of D.I.C. luggage can boldly compete with the most prestigious world brands, which are presented in Prague's Pařížská street.

Handbags and suitcases made from the finest Italian leather, quilted edges, celebration of traditional crafts - these are all features of D.I.C. fashion collection. "We wanted to model mostly conservative evergreens, however, we do not work to be one of many. Who would want to be the 47th swan of the Swan Lake? We have a private saying around here - we say, that the result must consist of German precision, Italian freshness and airiness, English conservatism and Czech craftsmanship. In the end, what we get are beautiful, clean lines and precise, sophisticated details, which will greatly please every eye," specifies Petr Dohnal, the author of the collection, which he put together with his wife.

The production of handbags is a test of teamwork. The finest leather comes from Italy. The zips are cut, technically perfect and made by a Japanese company, but the zip fasteners are made in Czech Republic from stainless steel, polished by hand to give a mirror-lie shine, exclusively for D.I.C. The majority of the metal parts, whether from Italy or from Czech Republic, are covered in a layer of rare palladium, i.e. one of the platinum metals. The linings are custom woven in combination with luxurious viscose and polyester in order to achieve two bright color in the fabric. This is all done in a Czech company. Few people know that this company produces rare sacred robes for whole Europe.


Safe suitcases by D.I.C.


The author of the idea of safe suitcase SPLENDOR, which greatly enhances the security of the luggage, is nobody other than MUDr. Luboš Říha. The authors of the collection further expanded the idea and put it into production. The inner dual safety measures are unique. Suitcases are padded inside by nubuk - firm, gently sanded leather, which is used for instance for climbing footwear. The suitcases are reinforced with a frame made of bentwood to improve safety, no paper is used. Another exclusive features are special patented code locks, which are even made for Arab Sheiks in limited editions and they rightfully boast the higest quality. All these features add to maximum safety. The suitcases are primarily intended for men, but there is also a lightweight version for ladies. "I have high hopes that our customers will appreciate the high quality brought by the new collection of handbags and luggage. We placed our faith in Czech craftsmanship tradition and the finest materials," stated MUDr. Luboš Říha, president of D.I.C. concern during the gala press launch.